Pneumatic solenoid valve some performance introduction

General pneumatic solenoid valve is not waterproof, when the conditions do not allow, please choose waterproof type, the factory can be customized. The highest nominal pressure of the pneumatic solenoid valve must exceed the highest pressure in the pipeline, otherwise the service life will be shortened or produce other accidents. Corrosive liquid should be selected all stainless steel type, strong corrosive fluid should be selected plastic king (solenoid valve SLF) solenoid valve.

Pneumatic solenoid valve selection should first follow the safety, reliability, applicability, economy of the four original pneumatic solenoid valve, followed by six aspects of the field conditions (namely pipeline parameters, fluid parameters, pressure parameters, electrical parameters, action mode, special requirements to select).

Pneumatic solenoid valve: used for liquid and gas pipeline switch control, is two DO control. Generally used for small pipe control. Solenoid valve: can only be used as a switch, is DO control, can only be used for small pipe control, commonly seen in DN50 and below the pipeline, up is very little.

Pneumatic solenoid valve belongs to the principle and structure are simple automatic control valve, but also to further simplify. The electromagnetic valve of washing machine and refrigerator in home appliance industry is suitable for mass production.

Common pneumatic solenoid valve coil parts have been plastic packaging, reduce lead line fracture fault, and easy to achieve waterproof, explosion-proof and other protection requirements. Valve body, valve cover and other components have been adopted precision casting, forging and other processes, engineering plastic solenoid valve has also been batch listed. Domestic explosion-proof solenoid valve is not only flameproof type, and pouring sealing type, intrinsically safe type. High pressure and high temperature solenoid valves have also emerged to simplify the structure and process.

Pneumatic solenoid valve is widely used, but the use of the situation is very different, enhance the general performance to reduce the cost of manufacturing, purchase and sale, storage, installation, maintenance, in recent years, this aspect has taken great strides.

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