Quick discharge valve manufacturers: about the types and principles of electric ball valve introduction!

Quick discharge valve manufacturers: about the types and principles of electric ball valve introduction!

As its name suggests, is to use the electric ball valve power drive valve switch, is mainly composed of two parts, the upper part is electric actuators, the lower part is the valve, in the process of industry, is used to control the water, oil, chemical liquid, etc all kinds of fluid flow and flow parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, electric ball valve is one of the independent valve is widely used in recent years, With stable reliability and a variety of control functions, to meet the requirements of many ordinary valves can not be used working conditions, become an indispensable control device in the process pipeline. It is also a characteristic product among many valve products of quick discharge valve manufacturers.

Electric ball valve structure is simple, long life, suitable for most media, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the operator, suitable for equipment can not be operated manually or close to the position, can be completed remote control valve, the height of the equipment is not limited.




Quick discharge valve manufacturer: type and classification of electric ball valve

1, electric ball valve according to the different actuators, mainly divided into two kinds, one is the Angle stroke, the other is the linear stroke, the Angle stroke of the electric valve control 90 degrees rotation to reach the two ends of the valve, linear stroke to realize the up and down action of the valve plate, usually used with high degree of automation equipment.

2, functional switch type and regulating type, intelligent, explosion-proof, switch type completely connected and disconnected, regulating control of all open degree, to provide the size of the flow regulation function.

3. According to the different form of valve position, it is divided into ordinary electric ball valve, electric butterfly valve, electric regulating valve, solenoid valve, electric gate valve, electric cut-off valve, etc., which is suitable for most cases.

4, according to the shape of the valve, divided into ordinary electric valve and micro electric valve.

Quick discharge valve manufacturer: the working principle of electric ball valve

The electric ball valve is connected with the electric actuator through the valve. After installation and adjustment, the valve is driven by the power supply to realize the opening and closing operation of the valve and realize the opening and closing and adjustment of the pipe medium. The half-open state of the electric valve can be adjusted to control the flow of medium in the pipeline, but the solenoid valve does not meet this requirement.

Solenoid valve is a kind of electric valve. It uses the magnetic field generated by the solenoid coil to stretch the spool, change the end of the spool, turn off the power of the coil, and return the spool according to the pressure of the spring.

Electric ball valve in the industrial control pipeline is mainly used to cut off, distribution, change the flow direction of the medium.

Use electric actuator to drive the valve stem OF the BALL valve, so that THE rotation of the 0-90 degree part of the rotation, mechanical drive, wherein the ball valve rotation body for the ball, circular hole or channel through the shaft.

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