Quick discharge valve manufacturer: Quick discharge valve maintenance precautions

Quick discharge valve manufacturer: Quick discharge valve maintenance precautions

Quick exhaust valve valve not only widely used in various fields, and using the environment also each are not identical, some valves are prone to poor working environment problem, due to the fast valve valve is an important equipment, especially some large valve, in the event of a problem needs to be repaired or replaced is quite troublesome, so, for the daily maintenance and maintenance is particularly important here, Let's learn a little about quick drain valve maintenance.

Quick discharge valve manufacturer: quick discharge valve valve custody and daily inspection

1, the valve must be stored in a dry and ventilated room, blocking both ends of the channel.

2, long-term custody of the quick discharge valve valve should be regularly checked, dirt removal, and rust prevention oil on the processing surface.

3. Regular inspection after installation. Main inspection items:

(1) Wear of the sealing surface.

(2) trapezoidal thread wear of stem and stem nut.

(3) Whether the filler is aging and ineffective, if there is damage, it should be replaced in time.

(4) After valve inspection and assembly, sealing performance test should be carried out.




Quick discharge valve manufacturer: Quick discharge valve maintenance when the valve grease

Welding special maintenance before put into production before and after production of the valve, the valve service plays a very important role for operation, orderly and effective maintenance can protect the correct valve, the valve to work properly, prolong the life of the valve, the valve maintenance looks very simple, actually otherwise, the work is easy to ignore.

, filling valve, often ignore the problem of filling quantity, after refueling refueling gun, homework personnel selection way to connect the valve and refueling, refueling operations, on the other hand, because of the less amount of fatliquoring, insufficient fatliquoring, lubricants, sealing surface wear may be faster, on the other hand, put much waste fat, not according to valve type to correctly calculate the valve sealing capacity, The sealing capacity can be calculated according to the size and type of the valve, and the appropriate amount of grease is injected.

Second, the valve into the fat, often ignore the pressure problem, fatliquoring, fatliquoring pressure change regularly for valley, low pressure, high pressure seal leakage or malfunction, fatliquoring lipid in hardening the jams, seal, seal ring and ball valve, valve plate embrace death, usually, fatliquoring pressure too low, inject grease into the valve at the bottom of the chamber, more typically occur on the small gate, When the pressure of fat supply is too high, on the other hand, check the fat supply nozzle, and replace the fat hole when it is found to be blocked; On the other hand, the lipid will harden, so it is necessary to use washing liquid to repeatedly soften the failed seal lipid, inject new grease replacement, in addition, the sealing form and sealing material will also affect the fat pressure, the fat pressure of different seal forms is also different, the fat pressure of the hard seal is generally higher than the soft seal.

I believe performing these tasks will help extend the life of the quick DRAIN valve and, in addition, reduce unnecessary failures.

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