What is manual reversing valve? What are the working principles and uses of manual reversing valve?

What is manual reversing valve?

Manual reversing valve is a manual lever operated direction control valve, in the hydraulic system to reverse (change the direction of the flow) and switch (put on or cut off the flow) function. Manual reversing valve is a free choice of units, is a valve of it, with two roles. One of them is like the differential lock on a car's transmission. When the output shaft of the transmitter reaches a certain Angle, it can complete the shift process even if the gears are not engaged. The other is to control the pressure in the oil passage by changing the direction of the liquid flow, so as to realize the push, pull and exhaust of the cylinder. Manual directional control valve has multi-way adjustable channel, can timely change the flow direction of fluid, this kind of valve has a wide range of applications in petroleum, chemical production, more commonly used in synthetic ammonia gas system. In addition, the reversing valve can also be made into a disc type structure, mostly used for small flow occasions, only need to rotate the hand wheel through the valve disc to change the flow direction of the working fluid.



How does manual reversing valve work?

Manual reversing valve is mainly composed of valve body, sealing components, CAM, the valve stem and handle and cover parts of the valve driven by handle, with the handle to drive the stem and the CAM rotation, CAM has the drive and lock the opening and closing function of sealing components, handle counterclockwise, two sets of sealing components respectively under the action of CAM, close the bottom two channels, The upper two channels are communicated with the inlet of the pipe device, on the contrary, the upper two channels are closed, and the lower two channels are communicated with the inlet of the pipe device to realize the reversing without stopping.

What are the uses of manual reversing valve?

Manual reversing valve is widely used in the hydraulic tank system of construction machinery, coal mining machinery, chemical machinery, light industry machinery, machine tool machinery and other equipment and other similar pipelines, which can make the actuator quickly and accurately follow the required orientation, so as to achieve arbitrary load regulation.

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Manual reversing valve is a kind of direction control valve with two or more flow forms and two or more oil areas. It is a valve to realize the communication, interception, steering, pressure unloading and sequence motion control of hydraulic oil flow. It can be divided into manual direction valve, electromagnetic direction valve, electro-hydraulic direction valve and so on.