To explain to you about the principle and characteristics of circulating water filter

To explain to you about the principle and characteristics of circulating water filter

Nowadays, whatever we do requires consideration of recycling and environmental protection, but in the case of water, in order to achieve the purpose of recycling, the circulating water filter becomes a better choice.

Circulating water filter is the use of filters to directly isolate impurities in the water, remove suspended matter and particles in the water, reduce turbidity, purify water quality, reduce the occurrence of system dirt, algae, rust, etc., and purify water recycling water use equipment, circulating water filter is now widely used in major industries, agriculture and other places.

Structure of circulating water filter

After the water enters from the water supply port, the coarse filter filters the larger granular impurities in it, and then enters the fine filter, at this time, the finer stains will be filtered, usually, the impurities accumulate on the inner side of the fine filter, so that the pressure difference will be generated on the inner and outer sides of the fine filter.

After the installation of circulating water filter, it is necessary to commission professional technicians to make adjustment, set the time of filter box cleaning conversion, and after the pressure difference reaches the pre-set value, the cleaning will be carried out automatically, at this time, the water purification process will not be interrupted, the cleaning valve will be opened, the water pressure in the cleaning chamber and the suction stain absorber will be greatly reduced, and due to the pressure difference between the filter cartridge and the suction tube, the attraction of the suction nozzle will be generated between the suction tube and the cleaning chamber, forming the suction stain process.

Combined with the axial movement and rotational movement of the wiper, thoroughly clean the entire inner surface of the filter. When the filter starts to work, after reaching the pre-set cleaning time, the electrical starts the control valve in the water, the signal of the driving motor, the motor rotates the brush, the cleaning element at the same time, the control valve opens for pollution, the whole cleaning process takes only a few tens of seconds, and after the cleaning work is finished, the system returns to the initial condition. This process is complicated, but the shortest time is about 10 seconds.

Features of circulating water filter

Circulating water filter has various features, for example, it is widely used in many water treatment plants and can meet the needs of various working environments. Due to the use of excellent anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials and advanced design technology, the filter can be used for a long time without maintenance, and from the operation point of view, it is very simple and does not require manual repeated flushing.

Scope of application of circulating water filter

Metallurgy: continuous casting water, high pressure phosphorus removal water, pure ring water, turbid ring water filtration, full filtration of cooling water, bypass filtration, nozzle protection, etc. Power: turbine cooling water filtration, grey water recycling filtration, dust raising nozzle protection, full filtration and bypass filtration of cooling tower water, etc.

Raw water: lake water, river water, reservoir water, well water, rainwater, groundwater extraction of sand, algae, organic matter filtration, etc., agriculture: sprinkler irrigation, water drip irrigation treatment, other: construction, steel, petroleum, chemical, electronics, power generation, textile, paper, food, sugar, pharmaceutical, plastic, automotive industry, etc., through the circulating water filter water into the main body of the self-cleaning filter through the water inlet, the system can automatically identify the degree of accumulation of impurities and send a signal to the exhaust valve to discharge automatically, so that the polluted water can be effectively purified into pure water by circulating operation in the whole system, which is very useful.

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