Fast exhaust valve manufacturers: popular knowledge about fast exhaust valve!

Quick vent valve, specifically, a gate valve for conveying gas. Pipeline system in the indispensable assistance components, quick exhaust valve characteristics, characteristics of what? How should everyone model selection? Quick exhaust valve is used in individual heating systems, centralized heating systems, heating boilers, home central air conditioning, geothermal heating and solar heating systems and other pipeline exhaust pipe.

When there is gas in the system, the gas gathered in the upper end of the rapid exhaust valve, the valve gas gathered, the working pressure rises, when the air pressure exceeds the system working pressure, the gas will make the cavity out of the water surface lower, the floating bucket with the water level line a piece of lower, open the outlet; gas evacuation, the water level line rises, the floating bucket also rises, turn off the outlet such as twisting the valve cap on the valve body, the rapid exhaust valve to terminate the exhaust pipe, general Under the condition, the valve cap should be in the open situation, but also with the decoration isolation valve supporting facilities application, conducive to the maintenance of the rapid exhaust valve.

The basic principle is to manipulate the pneumatic diaphragm behavior in the cylinder with the floating barrel bar and so on, and then manipulate the valve body outlet opening and closing. In the case of high pressure (1MPa or less), regardless of the multi-stage water flow, gas column of two colors, pressurized or unpressurized gas can be discharged at high speed.

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