Structural features, advantages and working principle of quick release valve

The quick drain valve is suitable for pipelines with water as the industrial medium and is an essential piece of equipment for pipelines to improve the efficiency of water distribution equipment and to protect the pipeline from deformation and rupture. This valve is a barrel-shaped valve body with a stainless steel float and plug inside. The valve is installed at the outlet of the pump or inside the water supply distribution line and is used to discharge a large amount of air accumulated in the pipe to improve the efficiency of the water pipe and pump. In addition, in the event of negative pressure in the pipeline, the quick drain valve can quickly draw in air, thus protecting the pipeline from damage caused by negative pressure.

The quick drain valve is used for pipe exhaust in independent heating systems, central heating systems, heating boilers, central air conditioning, floor heating, and solar heating systems. As water usually dissolves a certain amount of air, the solubility of air decreases as the temperature rises, and the gas gradually separates from the water during the water cycle and gradually gathers together to form large bubbles or even gas columns. Due to the replenishment of water, gas is often generated. So the term exhaust valve was derived and solved many problems in daily life.

The working principle of the quick exhaust valve: In the exhaust state, the float pulls down one end of the lever due to gravity, then the lever is in a tilted state, and there is a gap between the contact part of the lever and the exhaust hole, through which the air is discharged from the exhaust hole. As the air is discharged, the water level rises, the float floats up under the buoyancy of water, and the sealing end of the lever is gradually pressed on the vent hole until the whole vent hole is completely blocked, at which time the vent valve is completely closed.

The main features of the quick exhaust valve.

1、It can eliminate the gas in the pipeline, reduce the resistance and save energy.

2、When the pipeline is in negative pressure, the product can quickly and automatically suck in air to prevent the pipeline from breaking.

3、The exhaust capacity is several times of the ordinary double-hole exhaust valve.

4、The float bracket is made of stainless steel, with long service life, safety and reliability.




Advantages of fast exhaust valve.

1、The fast exhaust valve float is made of low density PP material, which will not deform even if it is immersed in high temperature water for a long time, and will not cause difficulties in float movement.

2、The float lever is made of hard plastic, and the connecting rods between the lever, float and bracket are all connected by activity, which will not corrode in long-term operation and will not cause the system not to work and leak.

3、The sealing end of the lever is supported by a spring, which can expand and contract with the movement of the lever to ensure the sealing performance without discharging air.

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