Fast exhaust valve manufacturers: the three roles of fast exhaust valve!

Quick exhaust valve is applicable to the pipeline of industrial production material is water, as a machine and equipment to quickly remove the vapor in the pipeline, in order to enhance the high efficiency of water transportation equipment and maintain the pipeline from deformation and cracking, is a necessary machine and equipment of the pipeline.

1. When the pipeline first starts to fill with water, the fast exhaust valve is required to discharge the gas in the pipeline in large quantities to ensure that there is no gas in the pipeline when the pipeline is filled with water, and the fast exhaust valve is required to discharge the gas in large quantities and in accordance with the flow rate of water filling, which can reduce the length of water filling.

2. In the pipeline operation link, it is stipulated that the quick exhaust valve will automatically exhaust a small amount of gas (about 2% of the volume) released from the water immediately under the high burden effect, so as to avoid the accumulation of gas in the pipeline to block the flow of water and improve the delivery efficiency.

3. When the pipeline exhaust link, the provisions of the rapid exhaust valve bulk replenishment of gas to avoid negative pressure caused in the pipeline, when the provisions of the automatic exhaust valve breathing volume and pipeline emissions paired, and in the pipeline when part of the safety accident, because of the short knife slope ratio, the total flow of water discharge is very large, the provisions of the automatic exhaust valve rapid bulk replenishment of gas blood to avoid the efficacy of the pipeline because of negative pressure caused by broken pipes.

Quick exhaust valve is a bucket type valve body, the total internal key has a stainless steel float switch and plug head. It is placed in the entrance and exit of the pumping station or in the water distribution pipeline, and is used to remove the gas collected in the pipeline in large quantities to improve the high efficiency of the water pipeline and pumping machine applications, and if negative pressure occurs in the pipeline, this valve can quickly suck in the gas to store the damage caused by the negative pressure.

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