Design principle of multi-media filter

To explain to you about the design principle of multi-media filter

Multi-medium filter refers to the use of one or more filter media, effectively remove planktonic impurities, so that the water clarification process, commonly used filter materials are quartz sand, anthracite, manganese sand, mainly used for the removal of water treatment.

Filter means, in the process of water treatment, filtration generally refers to the use of quartz sand, make the water clear, the process of the filter using the porous material known as filtering material, quartz sand filter material is very common, filter material with granular, powder, fibrous, commonly used silica sand, anthracite coal, activated carbon, magnetite, garnet, ceramic and plastic balls, etc.

Medium filter (filter bed) using two or more of the dielectric layer as the filter medium filter, get rid of the impurity in the sewage in industrial circulating water treatment system, make the water quality conforms to the requirement of recycling, especially can effectively remove the precipitation technology cannot remove tiny particles and bacteria, etc., to remove BOD and COD have some effect.

A, multi-medium filter composition

Multi - media filter is mainly composed of filter body, auxiliary pipeline and valve.

Among them, the filter body mainly includes the following components: water distribution unit, support components.




Second, the selection of multi-media filter material

1, to have enough mechanical strength, so as not to wear and break immediately in backwashing.

2, good chemical stability.

3, does not contain harmful to human health and toxic substances, does not contain harmful production, affect the production of substances.

4, the choice of filter material, to choose the decontamination capacity, high production water, good water quality filter material.

In the filter material, jade mainly plays a supporting role, in the filtration process, the gap between each other is stable, the gap is large, in the cleaning process, the filtered water is easy to pass; Similarly, in the backwashing process, backwashing water and backwashing air pass smoothly. According to the conventional arrangement, the jade is divided into four specifications, and the matting way becomes larger and smaller from bottom to top.

Three, the relationship between the filter material particle size and the filling height

The ratio of the height of the filter bed and the average particle size of the filter material is 800~1000(design benchmark), and the size of the filter material particle size is related to the filtration accuracy.

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